Skyline Building
Skyline Building



Twenty-two floors, fifty-one properties, car boxes of all sizes. More than 10.000 sq feet of gardens and multicolour fountains. The best panorama of the city.



Advanced fiber optic system for global monitoring of the structure (SOFO) integrated within any pillar and beam. Reinforced concrete central framework. Gas-free building. Anti-flooding system in each property.



Energy saving

External walls 19.70 in. wide. DOUBLE soundproofing and DOUBLE thermal insulation. Insulated beam-column joints. Thermal power plant for heating and cooling.  Wood structured windows covered by aluminum and double glass. 10% energy saving compared to a traditional apartment. "A" class energy rating by R.I.N.A. Institute.


Domotic Integrated System: enjoy the possibility to interact with your home, to control it and to make it "answer" to your desires even from remote via cell phone, tablet or computer. Set light/sound scenarios, themperature control in each room, alarm and electric devices and household appliances managment, power distrubution and managing of power load. Two elevators. Maximum thermal insulation and acustic insulation. Best italian wood floors.


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